Saturday, August 22, 2009

Why I dislike text messages

This article succinctly explains the main reason I dislike text messages: (emphasis not in original)
"...Wireless data service is AT&T's only bright spot, up a whopping 26% per customer. How so? As any parent of teenagers knows, text messages are 20 cents each, or $5,000 per megabyte. After the first month and a $320 bill, we all pony up $10 a month for unlimited texting plans. ..."
I have been waiting for someone to shake things up and get cell phones using instant messaging and/or email rather than text messaging which, in my mind, consists entirely of disadvantages (expensive coupled with payment on receipt, limited message length, impossible to know if messages are even received, ...). With luck, this will help as well.

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Peter said...

But it's not just megabytes... there's a lot more value. It's the instantaneous delivery to your pocket, with a chime. Last month I paid about 7c per text. Obviously I'd like to pay less, but that amount is worth it to me.