Monday, December 6, 2010

Unsubscribing from Your Essential Shopper

Take it back, take it back, take that thing right outta here.
Right away, far away, take that thing right outta here.
-- Take It Back (Cream)

I've been trying to permanently remove all junk mail coming to my apartment (as well as previous residences). CatalogChoice, as I've previously posted, has been great for this. However, I still get weekly junk mail from "yes! Your Essential Shopper," part of the Bay Area News Group. I couldn't find anything in my web searches for 'unsubscribe "your essential shopper"' so I'm writing this post.

Inside the all-ad newspaper, I managed to find a phone number (1-800-598-4637) and called it asking to unsubscribe [1]. They were helpful and took me off the list. Now (presumably) they will stop sending me this direct-to-recycling-bin publication every Sunday.

[1] It's possible that the number might be different for you if you're in a different area. In this case, the best I can say is that the newspaper should include a phone number at the bottom of the second page.


Amy S said...

Thanks, your post helped me find the phone number on my "YES" litter. It is different - belonged to the Sacramento Bee.

Anonymous said...

I did this in the Sacramento area back in April 2011, but am still getting it. Just called them again. Anyone know how to get them fined for littering or something similar?

Anonymous said...

I Googled Your Essential Shopper & my with city & state. Found an 800 number to call.