Friday, April 15, 2011

Favorite Chrome extensions

For Chrome/Chromium users, here are my favorite extensions.  What are yours?

Privacy/security related
  • AdBlock -- probably the most important one here.  I can't stand browsing without it.
  • Disconnect -- blocks tracking web page elements from major providers (Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.)
  • Explode -- expands most URLs created by URL rewriters (e.g. TinyURL)
  • KB SSL Enforcer -- This one actually causes a bit of trouble, so you may not actually want to use it. It tries to ensure that you're talking to websites over encrypted channels by detecting whether there's an SSL version of each site.  Even though it has systems to override its decisions, it still ends up screwing up a fair amount of the time (especially with online banking) since many sites don't actually mirror their SSL sites correctly.
  • Keep My Opt-Outs -- opts out of personalized Google ads
Web site integration
Browser functionality

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Ryan T. said...

LastPass -- Can't live without this anymore! I generate secure passwords for each site and only need one super secure master password. And it synchronizes across the multiple computers I use.

Send using Gmail™ (no button) -- Makes mailto: links open in Gmail

Remove Element -- Click to remove annoying things (like distracting images) that aren't ads and won't be caught by e.g. AdBlock